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Happy Buddha Spirits (HBS) was founded in 2013 with the goal of bringing distinctive alcoholic products to the market and giving the customer a unique experience.

What do you get when you have a chemical engineer who goes to China to study for his MBA? You get Michael Marti, craft distiller and founder of Happy Buddha Spirits (HBS) upon his return to the United States.  Before completing his MBA, Michael was sure his calling was chemical engineering.  While studying in Shanghai, he visited the Jade Buddhist Temple for a tea tasting and blessing. During this tea tasting, the idea for Happy Buddha Spirits was born.


Legend has it that there was a famous Buddhist monk whose legendary smile brought happiness to all. History records that rubbing his belly symbolized good luck, wealth and prosperity.  Michael has embraced this happiness and good luck in his brand of Happy Buddha Spirits. “My idea for the Happy Buddha Spirit brand is to only use natural ingredients for infusion of flavors. I want to source my materials using the finest ingredients in which I can hand select from around the world. The Happy Buddha Spirits brand is about the overall experience of shopping for and enjoying a truly world class spirit”.


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